About us

We have been on the zoological-terrarium market for many years. At that time, the company introduced a lot of significant changes, to finally deal with the innovative, but also controversial topic, which is breeding rodents for food purposes.

Subject raises strong emotions; we do not always meet with understanding. Therefore, both those who would like to cooperate with us and those who are skeptical about our activities, please take a few moments to read this text.

Our goal was to create the first breeding in Poland, where the priority is ethics and a humane approach to animals. We are convinced that we have managed to achieve this.

We focused on professionalism. In Poland, for a long time there were no specific provisions regarding rodent breeding for food purposes. Since 2017, our products qualify as feed material, which allowed us to stabilize the legal situation, clarify the rules for breeding and production.

Today, after many months of searching, 4Reptiles is a group of highly qualified people. Each candidate has several important trainings before joining us. They concern the rules of slaughtering animals, taking into account all the requirements resulting from the applicable law, concerning the protection of animals during their killing. The same applies to the transport and handling of animals.

All our breeding rooms are equipped with an automatic watering system and high capacity feeds, which is the best way to provide access to food and water.

Another important element is automatic ventilation (in the case of power failure – mechanical). Thanks to it, we keep the temperature constant, which ensures high comfort for our animals.

In our back room there are freezers, cold stores and freezers, thanks to which we can properly store products that later come to your homes as food for domestic and exotic animals.

In the breeding diet there is only one feed with a recipe created especially for mice or rats, which in its content has the necessary vitamins and supplements for proper functioning. Thanks to this, we can always guarantee the same, high-quality end product.

We also put emphasis on high hygiene at work. Therefore, we carry out frequent disinfection, disinfestation or periodic stool tests for the purpose of parasite elimination.

Our cars are adapted to transport Cat. 3 material, feed material and live animals. Both the whole breeding and cars are under constant supervision of the District Veterinary Officer.

We believe that the information provided above will allow you to reliable assessment of our business.

We also breed snakes (royal pythons, reticulated pythons and snakes from the Colubridae family). We approach the breeding of these reptiles with great passion. It is a remnant of a terrarium store, which we managed for several years, supplying animals and terrarium items Poznań – and not only.

In our offer you will also find food insects, derived exclusively from Polish breeding.

The constant demand for our products gives us constant motivation to develop our company and to introduce new, high quality products.

Thanks to these aspects and hard work, so far we have been trusted by many zoological gardens, shops and breeders from Poland and Europe.

Thank you for your trust, we invite you to cooperation.

The 4Reptiles Team

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