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Many years of passion for animal husbandry breeding us to start their activity in the field of
their nutrition.



For a long time on the market it was very difficult to feed our animals, not to mention the food fully adapted to their needs. Although terraristic (breeding of reptiles, snakes, etc.) or feeding using the “Barf” or “Whole Prey” methods are still not very popular, we believe that over the years we will all begin to feed our pupils 100% naturally.

Joined forces to ensure that our products are of the highest quality, and at the same time at an attractive price.

Regardless of whether you found yourself on this site by accident, and you do not know that the snake will not survive eating a fruit salad, and for the cat the best dish are mice, or you are our client and you want to know 4Reptiles better – take a look at the page ABOUT US, before you leave a feedback.

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